Innofashion Show

29 Mei 2019

There are no instant ways to create innovative works. Even in the fashion industry, you will need the right concept to create an innovative design. Innofashion Show is an event organized by Fashion Design and Textile Petra Christian University as way to embrace fashion in forms of talkshow, workshop, and exhibition.

Talkshow "Creativity in Fashion Concept," by:

  • Embran Nawawi (Fashion Designer and lecturer)
  • Wulan Wu (Fashion and Beauty Blogger)
  • Fonny Tunggal (Fashion Designer)

Workshop "Conceptual Fashion design," by:

  • Embran Nawawi (Fashion Designer and lecturer)
  • Asthararianty (Fashion Designer and owner of Trathara)

Come and join us.

Further information on DFT UK. Petra Official Instagram or contact Ayu - 089648627343

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